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Stained Glass - Geometry (fragment)
Stained Glass - Window
Stained Glass for Doors - Balkany
Stained Glass - Perspective
Screen Stained Glass - Iris Combi

Exquisite furniture stained glasses, cozy and elegant ones for home, austere for offices, exotic and funny stained glasses for restaurants, cafes, clubs and hotels – here is an incomplete list of what is offered by the “Russkoye Okontse” Company to its customers.

The top quality of stained glass production is achieved by the efforts of our craftsmen and the use of solely foreign (English) componentry.
All materials, used in stained glass production, have sanitation certificates. Certified artists and designers are in the Company’s staff. They create masterpieces of the interior stained glass design.

Employees of furniture companies will find something unusual and useful for furniture fronts. A catalogue of samples of stained glasses for furniture wings was developed for furniture companies.

The “Russkoye Okontse” Company is always happy to help your dream to come true.

Stained Glass for Interior

Grape Stained Glass
Iris Stained Glass

The “Russkoye Okontse” Company offers the whole range of services to its customers connected with the stained glass production and installation.
The Company can make any stained glasses. You can choose a pattern from catalogues or order a sketch from the Company free of charge. For the most exacting customers we are ready to produce a stained glass according to the customer’s drawings. When ordering a stained glass, the Company’s designer and process-engineer home-visit the customers free of charge. A stained glass packet will be delivered and installed within the shortest period of time making no inconveniences to you.

There are a lot of designer developments in the Company. We are experienced in working with design and building companies. Stained glasses are basically used in WINDOWS. You may decorate a window and keep it transparent, but you may also make a bright spot out of it, that can protect you from other’s eyes or hide an unpleasant view from your window.

Doors are an important interior element. With the help of stained glasses you will be able to make them look exclusively-they could be either elegant or austere. Any door will look unusually showy. Modern interior is seldom to have any stained glasses: it will always adorn a kitchen or bathroom,  living room or study room.

Owing to its monumentalism stained glasses are used in the decoration of buildings, restaurants, cafes, clubs, department stores, office buildings. False windows, being beautifully decorated, or just simple windows make the atmosphere of a club or a restaurant very agreeable.

All our stained glass  made in accordance to  Certificate of “Rosportebnadzor” N    СЭЗП.002121.01.07 from 22.01.2007
And Technical terms N 5921-001-25901000-2006 which was been introduced in  22.01.2007.


Furniture stained glasses

Color Fant Furniture stained glasses
Color City 4 Furniture stained glasses
Botanika 32 Furniture stained glasses

The “Russkoye Okontse” Company co-operates with the majority of furniture factories of Russia, having recommendations of leading firms.  We supply stained glasses for kitchen  and cabinet furniture (wardrobes, office sets etc.). Furniture factories are sensitive to catch the customers’ demands, so they pay more and more attention to the decoration of standard kitchens. To do this they use stained glasses, too. Stained glasses have one indisputable advantage over ordinary glasses: they are individual!

Along with the stained glass stock-produced samples a designer can create a unique stained glass that may change the image of a standard kitchen so, that it will stop looking like its “twin-kitchen”, manufactured with the use of ordinary glass or any other stained glass. The advantage of the furniture factories themselves is also evident: a not so high price of a stained glass makes the kitchen price just a little bit higher, but its look and customer qualities go several times up.

Even a small furniture factory can create its own image with the expenses being not too high, without changing the technology and gaining in quality. Decoration of furniture fronts is especially actual today, so you are always welcome to express your wishes and ask the Company’s specialists about the stained glass making technology, production period and design.


Stained Glasses For Doors

Stained glass can be used in the doors design to decorate them.  You can order the picture of stained glass from our catalogue (it is below) or  You can order your own stained glass from our designers. You benefits in any cases!  Your interiors will become more cozy and charm.


Stained Glass Elements, Fusing Elements

"Russkoye Okontse" have produced two types of elements – Fusind elements and DeepArt elements.
In any case it is small peaces of glass with any picture made by fusing.
They can be applying to big sheets of glass by using UF glue.....



We offer our handmade products for interior decoration. This may be plates, dishes, clocks, elements - pendants, ashtrays and anything else.

Technique, which applies to these things basically - fusing, ie the sintering of glass. Products from fusing lively, warm, at home and this undoubtedly made in a single instance of the artist's hands. If you are somewhere saw something unusual glass and want it, we'll try to help you and make glass products, which will delight you. The motifs and styles you choose for yourself.

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